Eyiyemi Afolayan; Student and Actress- Featured In Anikulapo Rise of the Spectre (2024)

Eyiyemi Afolayan was born in September 11, 2005 into the well known and respected Afolayan family, just as the Afolayan’s family has great acting record, so as Eyiyemi started creating her own experience in acting, as she was featured in the 2022 film “Anikulapo”, where she acted the wife of Anikulapo after his re-incanation.

Eyiyemi Afolayan is presently 18 years old, her skill in acting were discovered and trained by her mother Tolu Afolayan

Films by Eyiyemi Afolayan

Particulars regarding Eyiyemi Afolayan’s filmography require improvement as of October 26, 2024, despite the fact that she is a rising sensation at this time. At the moment, her sole credited acting credit is from the film:

The 2024 film Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre

Although there is no official confirmation regarding her uncredited roles in other films, it is advisable to depend on confirmed information. With the triumph of “Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre,” Eyiyemi Afolayan will likely appear in additional films in the future.

What are the names of the offspring of Kunle Afolayan?

Although information regarding Kunle Afolayan’s children is kept private, his four children with his ex-wife, Tolu Afolayan, are known to exist. Their identities are not accessible to the public.

Who is the Afolayan family’s oldest member?

Moji Afolayan is the senior member of the Afolayan family, which is renowned for its contributions to the Nollywood industry.

Toyin Afolayan (commonly referred to as Lola Idije) and Moji Afolayan are both actresses; Moji is the older sibling. Kunle Afolayan, their sibling, is a highly regarded actor and director.

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