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A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother

There was a time I really wished and prayed for a guy I could shower so much love and I heard what about me
I continued by saying some one I could tell my secrets, my stressed day, my sad moment and even cry on his shoulder and the Voice said what about me
I said I needed someone so real, and he said what about me
Someone I could call at anytime, tell him I love him and hear him say the same, and the voice said what about me but I tried fighting the voice as if I didn’t hear it.

And one thing about the Holy Spirit is, he won’t force his existence in your life, he’ll leave you to do your will, he won’t strive with you but will always be there waiting for you

Most times we neglect the person of the Holy Spirit and seek after man’s love or comfort and neglect the true comforter
Most times we neglect the Holy Spirit and pour out our mind to human who can use our words against us

“There’s A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother, He’s So Real And Pure”
Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother…. The Holy Spirit is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, who will not use your past or words against you rather help you

Jesus said I’ll give you another comforter… There’s no greater comfort that you can get aside that of the Holy Spirit, why? He knows you, he’s know your present situation better, he knows the end of it, he’s the best reassurance you can ever get
He intercede on your behave to God, he understands how the world is and helps you intercede before the Father, he doesn’t use your wrong against you rather helps you make it right
Many try to base their spiritually on men, and neglect the Holy Spirit that shed the love of God abroad In our heart Rom5:5 and when the human figure goes their spirituality life runs down

The Holy Spirit Is A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother, acknowledge his presence, trust him and see how direction and clarity would be available for you always
He will never leave you, he has been with men over 2000years now and with all man’s disappointment, he never left… You should know he’s the best you can trust… He’s A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother

The Best Lover You Can Ever Ask For… Try it, pour your heart to him, act it, and talk to him as though he was beside you because he is and you’ll see the kind of peace you’ll experience

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