Minster Abbey Ojomu Biography- Gospel Minister and Songwriter

Minister Abiodun Oyinda Wosilat Ojomu, also known as Abbey Ojomu, a Nigerian, is a talented songwriter, composer, and singer. She is widely recognized as the convener of the captivating online worship concert called “Realms of Glory.” She is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of bringing liberation to the body of Christ through music, preaching, and teaching the word.

Thwe beloved gospel minister was born on May 17th as she popularly celebrates, although she was born into a Muslim family but got converted in 2010. She is determined to spread her music ministry worldwide, using the power of Christ to bring freedom to those who are held captive. She leads worship at Harvesters International Christian Center (HICC).

The beloved gospel minister’s name started ringing much bells after she released her song ‘ Realm of Glory’ and ‘We behold until we are formed with Theophilus Sunday’

She is a Nigerian gospel minister and from Lagos State.

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