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‘Thousands and Thousands’ of Salvations in Summer Tour: Phil Wickham Reports

Phil Wickham, a Christian musician who has won a lot of awards, said that he was right there when thousands of people came to faith in Jesus Christ this summer.

The “This Is Amazing Grace” singer went on the Summer Worship Nights Tour with Brandon Lake, who won a Grammy. The two people went from coast to coast and led service for thousands of people.

Wickham told the Christian Post that even though their prayer sets were already planned, God put it on both of their hearts to do a call to salvation.

“Every night, God really put it on my heart and Brandon Lake’s heart,” he said. “It just felt so clear that we were supposed to give people a chance to know Jesus.”

Wickham said, “We just felt like that’s what God wanted us to do, and every night we give a real Gospel performance. Then the lights came on, and it was crazy. Tens of thousands of people raised their hands, and the church joined them and prayed for them.

The Christian singers and artists told new Christians in the crowd to find a local church to help them grow closer to God.

“It’s been so beautiful to see the Kingdom of God come together in such a wide range of places, from Newark, New Jersey, to San Diego, California, and everywhere in between. Every night has been stunningly gorgeous. “People, the Church, were so ready to join us and sing,” he said.

Wickham has been leading praise since he was 13. Even compared to what he has done in the past, he says this summer’s worship tour has been amazing.

He said that at one event, security guards raised their hands to accept Christ, and Christians started hugging them.

“This is my favourite tour because everything I love about what happens on these nights is amplified and explodes to the point where I think, ‘I can’t process this; there’s too much goodness and beauty,’ and I’m going to cry right now; I’ve been a wreck this whole tour,'” he said.

Recently, the 39-year-old told CBN’s Faithwire that he always wants to point people to Jesus.

“I think there’s only one way to be saved and get to life,” he said. “I think one confession has been made. I believe in Jesus Christ’s name. I think that Jesus died on a cross. I believe that Jesus rose from the dead.”

Wickham also said, “As I get older, it makes my heart burst with gratitude and makes me more aware of God’s grace in my life.” “Because I’m such a sinner, and I can’t believe he’s asking me to write songs for the church.

“I Believe” is Wickham’s 10th record, and it is currently at the top of the Christian Billboard charts.

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