Bishop Thomas Aremu- Vice President (Foreign Missions) of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel)

Bishop Thomas Aremu- Vice President (Foreign Missions) of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel)

Bishop Thomas Aremu is Vice President (Foreign Missions) of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel). He works under the direction of Bishop David Oyedepo. He is in charge of the Ibadan Church right now.

Bishop Thomas Olayiwola Aremu was born in Oyo Town, Oyo State, on March 18, 1957. From 1963 to 1969, he went to elementary school, and from 1970 to 1973, he went to middle school. From 1973 to 1976, he worked at Notre Dame Girls Secondary School in Oro, Kwara State, as a typist, an account worker, and the college bursar.


Between 1976 and 1982, he went to Catholic Technical College in Ile-Ife and The Polytechnic in Ibadan to finish his education. At these schools, he got a distinction in accounting and a Higher National Diploma (HND) with an upper-division credit in accounting. In 1990, he also got a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from the University of Lagos’ Administrative Staff College (ASCON).

Bishop Thomas got his schooling as an accountant from the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Accountants. In November 1984, he became a chartered accountant. He is still a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria as an Associate Member (ACA).

Career Life

Bishop Thomas worked in the public sector in a number of management positions from September 1983 to March 1993. He worked in business from March 1993 to May 1994, before he answered God’s call to become a pastor full-time.

Bishop Thomas Aremu became a full-time leader at Living Faith Church Worldwide in May 1994. He was the first pastor of the Living Faith Church in Ibadan. In just four years, the church grew from 100 people to 10,000 people under his guidance. He has also been a Senior Pastor and Regional Overseer at Living Faith Church sites in Accra, Ghana, Ilorin, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Johannesburg, Nigeria, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

In December 1999, he was made the Bishop of the Living Faith Church. From 2001 to 2003, he was Vice President of the Church Network. From 2010 to 2012, he was Vice President of the Foreign Mission. He is a Missioner of the Living Faith Church Worldwide and the ruling bishop of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) in Bashorun, Ibadan.

His view of Christians in politics

If Christians don’t help, thieves will take over and ruin Christians.

The winners (leadership) told us to keep politics and the ministry separate. We who work full-time can’t even think about it because it takes so much time and focus. But because we are the light of the world, we also think Christians should be active in politics.

So, we back people who have the courage to run for office and pray for them. But instead of staying out of politics and agreeing with those who don’t like it, we should get active.

Marital Status

Faith, Love, Thomas (Junior), and Emmanuel are the names of his four children. He is happily marrie to Pastor (Mrs.) Elizabeth Moradeyo Aremu, who is also a pastor and mother of his beloved children

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