#My Journal

Let There Be Light- Poetry

To have a begining start with light
To enjoy Speed, stay with light

The first Adam was called out of light
The intent of the Father’s heart
Let there be Light
Glory invaded, surrounded with it

But the mind was still clouded by darkness
The serpent couldn’t comprehend the sight of light
He used the channel of the heart
A little drop
Corruption erupt
man be curse, for thy God is angered.

The second Adam came as a Light
Whose life was the light of men
Word existing in form of Light
The entrance of thy word did give understanding

We received his life and we were made light
Dedicated to the Father of all light
Our Identity is light
For we live not by sight

Let non be able to explain
The mind does he corrupt
Wait and watch us shine brighter and brighter

Men of light
Men of honor
We don’t live by sight
Light in us is what put enemies to flight
Never to return
Truth has set us free

Stay With Light
Be The Light
Never Live By Sight
Shine Bright!

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