Prophet Tomi Sylvester Arayomi Biography- Church Planter and Pastor Under Foundation Faith Church

Prophet Tomi Sylvester Arayomi is a well known preacher of the gospel, who has spread the word of God and as well impacted lives by leading many to Christ. Tomi Arayomi started his christian journey at a very young age, as he got born again at the age of 15 and started ministry at 16 years old.

Ministerial Journey

Prophet Tomi became a pastor under Foundation Faith Church at 16, served there and planted 10+ churches on university campuses across the United Kingdom while he was a student of Law at University of Hertfordshire.

The process of his planting of churches in university campuses prepared him for an higher calling as his apostolic and prophetic calling and anointing was distinguish and was commissioned under Christian International by Dr Bill Hamon and Dr Sharon Stone on the 13th November 2010 where he currently serves as one of its visionary leaders.

Tomi Arayomi is not just a minister of God by words by in writing as he as written and published 10 compelling books and until 2020. Prophet Tomi was also the pastor of My Church Windsor which he co-pastored with Dr Sharon Stone. ‘My Church’ was established in 2016 and is a thriving church community in the heart of Windsor United Kingdom.

Prophet Tomi is known for having a prophetic anointing, and leaders in government around the world, including those in the United Nations, have recognized his office for prophetic ministry. He is often asked to speak at these events. Many nations look to him as a prophet because he can see into the future of many nations. He is also the creator and director of Tomi Arayomi Ministries, an international ministry that goes on trips. Tomi thinks that God has asked him to use the power of the prophetic word to build nations. This International itinerant mission is one way he shows this.


Tomi Arayomi started RIG Nation in 2007 with the goal of bringing back the priestly and prophetic ministry into the Body of Christ and giving this generation the tools they need to be ready for God to use them. RIG stands for “Restoring Issachar’s Generation,” which is a goal based on 1 Chronicles 12:32.”Of the sons of Issachar who had an understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.” LONDON, UK—RIG Nation’s main office is in London, but the company is also growing in Lagos, Nigeria, the Philippines, the United States, and Europe (the United Kingdom).

Prophet Tomi has been on major media like BBC, Revelation TV, the Times Malawi, TBN, and Channels TV, where he has been praised for how accurately he has predicted the future for Malawi and for individuals. Tomi is a political prophet, which means that he has been able to talk to world leaders about their futures in their own homes, at the United Nations, and in Parliament.

A few months before the UK went into shutdown in 2019, the Lord told Tomi to start RIG Nation again, which he had started in 2007. RIG stands for “Restoring Issachar’s Generation.” Their goal is based on 1 Chronicles 12:32, which says, “The sons of Issachar who knew what Israel should do because they understood the times.” The ministry wants to bring back the priestly and prophetic ministry to the Church of Christ and give this generation the tools they need to be ready for God to use them.

Tomi started Pioneers Church as an online church in April 2020. It, along with other training and social commentary programs, has gained over 100,000 subscribers on RIG Nation’s YouTube account from around the world. During the lockdown, Tomi made more than 100 training videos that are now used as the base for the RIG Nation’s School of Apostles and Prophets. In June 2021, he opened apostolic centers in London and Lagos.

Prophet Tomi is sure that Prophet and State will be restored. He often says, “The day will come when governments of nations will seek the prophets again!” He has shown this many times by having an effect on world leaders and people who make decisions in many different countries. Tomi has been on Christian radio and TV shows all over the world, such as

The Revelation TV, TBN, Thank you, World TV, TV Channels for Malawi Times, News from BBC

Personal Life

Also, Prophet Tobi Arayomi is Prophet Tomi’s twin brother, so it is true that the prophetic spirit really does run in the family. Prophet Tomi Arayomi says that Jesus called him and his twin brother to service in a dream they both had at the same time, on the same night.

Prophet Tomi Arayomi is sure that God has called him to change people’s lives and the lives of whole nations. Arayomi, who was born on an island but now lives in the UK, is his happy wife. They have three boys together, named Harvey, Perez, and Silas. They both think that God has asked them to teach others how to be prophets and teach prophets how to be people. Following a message from God, the family moved from the UK to Nigeria not long ago.

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