Uebert Angel- Founder Of Spirit Embassy

Uebert Angel- Founder Of Spirit Embassy

Uebert Angel, who was born Uebert Mudzanire on September 6, 1978, is a controversial British-Zimbabwean businessman. He has been accused of fraud, money laundering, and racketeering after undercover reporters caught him planning to use his official passport to smuggle gold and cash. His name and the names of 9,612 other people who paid for fake degrees are on a list from the US Department of Justice. He is an evangelical preacher and started a Pentecostal organization in the UK called Spirit Embassy.

He is also Zimbabwe’s Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large to Europe and the Americas. He is often called Prophet Angel, but he used to be called Uebert Angel Mudzanire. The church was started in 2007 as “Spirit Embassy.” In October 2015, it changed its name to “Good News Church,” but Angel’s general ministry is still called “Spirit Embassy.”

Angel is called “a young charismatic prophet” and goes by helicopter to tell people that God wants them to be as rich as he is.

He also started The Angel Organisation, which is the company that controls all of his other businesses.

Angel’s sermons, teachings, and works have been criticized for promoting prosperity theology, also called the prosperity gospel. This is a false theology that says God wants all faithful Christians to be rich and successful.

There have also been many problems with his church and charities. and warrants have been made out for him. He has been accused of stealing money and being inappropriate with women. In 2023, it was found that he was using his diplomatic rights to run a plan to launder money. People who used to go to Angel’s church have said that he raped and sexually assaulted them. In 2013, his name was on a list of people who bought fake degrees from an online degree mill.

Life and Career

Angel was born in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, and grew up there. Later, he went to Manchester, England, where in 2007 he started a ministry called Spirit Embassy. It changed its name to “Good News Church” in October 2015. Sometimes it is called “Spirit Embassy Good News Church.” Many people joined the church because of its service, and there are now 70 branches in over 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and the US. Angel has also started Miracle TV and Good News TV, where he gives regular speeches and shows programs for the Good News Church. He also started and runs the online Bible school Osborn Institute of Theology, which opened in August 2012. Angel has two degrees in finance, one from the University of Bolton in education and the other from the University of Edinburgh in entrepreneurship.

Ambassadorial Role

Angel was named Ambassador at Large and Presidential Envoy for the country of Zimbabwe by H.E. President Emmerson Mnangagwa in March of 2021. Angel’s job as an ambassador meant that she had to look for trade and business opportunities for the country of Zimbabwe. Angel has taken on a number of projects since getting the job.


Angel became a businessman in 2005 when he started Club Millionaire Limited, a company that offers personal services in Britain. He started out in the real estate business by building homes and then moved on to industrial buildings, buying land and buildings, and buying and selling properties. In 2006, he sold his first piece of land. In 2008, he started Sam Barkeley Construction and The Angel Organisation, which is the umbrella company for all of his businesses and where he is now the CEO. He also runs Brits Bank and Atom Mobile as businesses that are part of the parent group. He also started The Millionaire Academy, whose stated goal is to teach people how to become great business owners and run their own companies.

In 2014, a radio station in Zimbabwe said it had read a “unedited Forbes Magazine story” about Uebert Angel’s wealth. A later story on ZimEye.net said that these claims were not true, and it was also very critical of the way he ran his business. Angel is working on a number of business real estate projects, such as turning an old cinema and nightclub in the West Midlands into a theater-style events center. Angel’s office headquarters are being built in Lincolnshire, East Midlands. This is another project in the UK.

Humanitarian work

Angel and his wife Beverly Angel have done charity work together since 2007, when Angel’s church opened. Through his “Adopt a Family” program, he helps poor families in Africa and Asia by giving them food every month and paying their children’s school fees. In November 2015, he and his wife started the Uebert Angel Foundation. This foundation helps poor students get an education by giving them grants and paying for their tuition. He also started the Free Earth Humanitarian Organization, which helps people who don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs. In January 2020, the Angels paid the school fees for all 797 children at Kadyamadare Primary School in the Chikwaka Communal Lands in Zimbabwe. This was done again through the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF), which is a charity run by Uebert Angel. The foundation did the same thing again in February for 1026 children at Bota Primary School in Masvingo. They paid their school fees and levies for the whole year.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF) did a number of good works. One of the first was to send $15,000 worth of mealie meal to Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, to help feed families who were in need. Then, a month later, UAF gave bags of mealie meal and cooking oil to members of his 5,000-person Spirit Embassy: GoodNews Church branch in Harare, Zimbabwe, who were in need.



People have talked about who Angel really is. A newspaper in Zimbabwe found out that he uses two national ID cards with different names. The same paper also showed that the date of birth on his British passport is different from the one he gave when starting businesses.

Collapsed Business

Angel has started a few businesses that haven’t done well. Only two of the 20 businesses that started in the past two years are still going.[50] In 2017, he opened a bank with a lot of publicity, but the bank closed soon after, even though church members had put money in it. He started a TV news station, but it was soon found out that the models were from the freelancer website Fiverr. That news business also went out of business and was taken off the books. Angel also made an energy drink, but it failed for reasons that aren’t clear.

Prosperity Message

Angel’s sermons, lessons, and writings have been criticized for promoting “prosperity theology,” also called “the prosperity gospel.” This is a “false theology” that says God wants all good Christians to be rich and successful. So, it seems like his ministry indirectly promotes tithes and prosperity theology in a way that is very convincing. This is like what other big churches, televangelists, and other well-known people who believe in prosperity theology say.

Angel has been involved in many scams and controversies during his preaching and his work with different charities. Because of this, he has been called a “fraudster” and a “false prophet.” Even though there have been efforts to dismiss the accusations, there have been a number of them, both financial and sexual in nature.

Sexual misbehavior

Angel has also been accused of sexual misbehavior, of blackmailing or convincing women to do sexual acts, and of having more than one relationship outside of his marriage. Angel’s former church members said he had raped their wives.

Bentley Continental Fraud Case

There are also claims that he stole the owner’s Bentley Continental, which was worth more than $300,000. People thought that Angel went to the UK in 2015 to escape arrest warrants[70] in Zimbabwe because of these accusations.

Al-Jazeera Report On Gold Smuggling

In March 2023, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit found that Uebert was using his diplomatic status to run a global money laundering scheme. In this operation, dirty money is sent to Zimbabwe through Angel and swapped for gold from Zimbabwean mines. The gold can then be sold for clean money. Al Jazeera reporters posed as customers and filmed Angel saying, “You want gold, gold, we can do it right now, we can make the call right now, and it’s done.”

Jerome Fernando, a preacher who says he is a prophet and who Uebert put in charge of the Glorius Church in Sri Lanka, denied the accusations and said he would sue the people who said bad things about him. Uebert and Jerome also met members of the Rajapaksa family when Jerome was preaching, and the Rajapaksa government gave them military security.


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