Godwill Oyor Biography; Minstrel, Lawyer, Song-writer

Pastor Godswill Oyor is a well known minister of God in song, a wonder song-writer, Lawyer and twin brother of Lawrence Oyor, who were both born into the wonderful family of Reverend Mrs. Patience Oyor, on June 16.
 Pastor Godswill is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyfex capital, a leading Forex Company that helps you safely invest in securities that bring steady dividends with minimal risks.

Life Journey

Godswill Oyor studied Law at the Premier University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, after graduating from Shalom Christaian College. After his school education, he has developed himself beyond his certificate into becoming a Wealth Management Expert, a Real Estate mogul, a Serial Entrepreneur and proficient trader in all financial equities with 10+ years of experience, the Founder and Chief Wealth Officer of Adom Group, a boutique wealth management service company that provides bespoke financial advisory and fund management solutions using its ACE proprietary technology.

Before assuming his groundbreaking position at Adom, he established market-leading enterprises across various industry sectors, including education, real estate, media, legal technology, and talent management. Professional wealth management brand Hyfex, one of the foremost asset and wealth management firms in Africa, assists clients in investing securely in securities that generate consistent dividends while minimizing risk. Our objective is to assist clients in establishing enduring financial security.

Regardless of the size of your assets or level of experience, our meticulously curated professional investment services can assist you in locating the most suitable solution: Financial Management: We offer a vast array of knowledge and skills, including investment and retirement planning, financial management, and more, to assist you in achieving your personal objectives.

The reach of each investor is unique, but our palms are sufficiently large to grasp yours. Our investments in a suite of digital products, agriculture, real estate, and forex are executed in a secure manner. Coupon-based purchases Exclusive discounts are extended to all investors who have registered on our platform.

The assortment of these items includes automobiles, electronic devices, and landed properties. The Hyfex School Students are instructed and mentored on the fundamentals of forex trading and how to successfully scale up. Interested in enrolling immediately in our academy?

Our dedication to supporting individuals earning average incomes, particularly entrepreneurs and civil servants, motivates us to provide low-interest loans accompanied by highly flexible repayment schedules.

Pastor Godswill assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Hyfex Capital, Lagos, an organization he established on January 17, 2017, starting in January 2019.

From 2008 to 2013, Pastor Godswill Oyor pursued a legal education at the University of Ibadan. He is an authority on brand advocacy and possesses extensive knowledge in numerous fields, including legal writing, legal research, business strategy, leadership, public speaking, social media marketing, and nonprofit management fundraising.

Pastor Godswill Oyor maintains a social media presence. Through his official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and LinkedIn, he is reachable.

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