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PBO-Rev Philip Oyewale; A Baptist Pastor and Preacher

PBO- Rev Philip Oyewale; A Baptist Pastor and Preacher

Rev Philip Bukola Oyewale is a well known and well travelled Baptist pastor. Who pastor’s the church of God in the United Kingdom, Liverpool. Rev Philip Oyewale has been in the United Kingdom for 20 years and in the process found his purpose in Ministry for 16 years now.

Ministerial Journey

Rev Philip claims to be a legitimate citizen of the UK by naturalisation. The Baptist pastor got to United State, Liverpool  and about 12 years ago, he met a dying Baptist Church about to be sold which he graciously took over and has since pastored the church successfully for about 12 years.

Rev Philip Oyewale stated that “When we came here the church was about being sold. Usually when churches are sold they sell to unbelievers. But we stepped in and decided to work on the church. We met just four women in the church two of them were old. Those two have died. But the other two have graciously been wonderful; supporting us to build the church.”

Educational Life

Rev Philip Oyewale is a well educated man, who bagged his PHD in the United Kingdom. He is known as a cheerful giver a his church is responsible for feeding over 200 poor in their neighbourhood.

Rev Philip Oyewale is a Nigeris born citizen of the United State, who has faced a lot of racism approach from white folk, reported yet continues. He is known to have stand strong all this years, fighting for the black and also known as a voice to be recon with.

Rev Philip is happily married to his beautiful wife and has lovely children together

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